The world has a desperate need of a hardcore multiplayer tower defense game. The game industry went mainstream and is mainly creating games for causals playing on their mobile phones. Furthermore, in the hardcore games we all love, we can no longer compete with muscle memory no-lifers that either win by grinding, paying for perks or with a mere unnatural number of clicks per minute.

We need a video game similar to chess where skill triumphs over no-skill. A game that creates space for human to human competition. A game that is easy to learn but hard to master. A game in which you can become better by playing more but that does not feel like a job. So, we are creating just that.

Who are we?

The team consists of old-time neighbors that both liked these kinds of games: Unreal Tournament, The Settlers III, Rollercoaster Tycoon, B&W, Starcraft 2, CS GO, Terraria, TF2, and Fallout 4. Sander has experience working on Killzone Shadow Fall, Horizon Zero Dawn and, Renegade-X. I have limited experience creating games on the Nintendo DS but am an experienced developer working on various technologies like emotion recognition with machine learning and working professionally on large web applications.

Core features of the game

A smooth experience is a crucial aspect in tower defense games since you will have many towers shooting on many units. Combining this with multiplayer complexity makes it one of the most significant factor to take into account.

  • Smooth gameplay and nice looking graphics build with the Unreal Engine.
  • Steam integration: matchmaking, leaderboards, etc..
  • The core gameplay is finding a balance between building a maze, investing in more resources and sending units.

The roadmap

We do not have the resources of a Tripple-A studio, and we currently hold regular day jobs, so we have to make smart choices. We see that a lot of competitive games are failing to become popular because of an in-active community makes it hard to find a match. It is a chicken and egg problem: if there is no active community a competitive game is no fun, and if the game is not fun there will not be a vibrant community.

We will try to circumvent this problem by focussing first on a good CO-OP experience with friends that is fun to play on LAN parties. The competition aspect will mainly focus on leaderboards. When it is fun enough and there are enough players we will introduce competitive matchmaking with a ladder system.


  • Build the core game mechanics for CO-OP multiplayer
  • Get a community for the game
  • Alpha version
  • Test with friends

2019- Q3/Q4

  • Add competitive matchmaking
  • Add more complex mechanics
  • Bug fixes
  • Beta version

2020 Q1/Q4

  • Finalize the game
  • Polish and bug fixing
  • Release
  • Single player AI

How can you help us?

Community feedback and support is a big factor to get us motivated. So you can help us finish this game sooner by interacting with us (for example in the comment section). You can follow the project on Facebook or Twitter. We will polish regular updates on this blog combined with live development streams on Twitch.

You can also help us by becoming a tester for early builds. Please let us know your profile by reaching out to us.

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